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How does rolling an ONO help you
to feel better?

How does rolling an ONO help you
to feel better?

The ONO Roller is an antidote to our world of endless busy-ness, stimulation and stress. By giving our hands something grounding and satisfying to fidget with, ONOs are shown to relieve stress and enhance focus. But those benefits are just the beginning.

Relieves Stress + Anxiety

With its soothing and satisfying rolling motion, the ONO provides powerful stress relief and helps calm even the busiest of minds.

Relaxation + Meditation

If you ever feel like you need an escape, simply align your thoughts with the ONOs smooth and rhythmic motion to enter your flow state.

Muscle Relief + Massaging

Use the ONO to release any built up tension in smaller muscles and tendons by rolling it gently across your skin.

Enhance Focus + Boost Productivity

The truth is... Most fidget tools steal your attention. The ONO Roller enhances it. Divert your nervous energy and focus on the task at hand one roll at a time.

Find the ONO that fits you best

ONOs come in 3 unique sizes and weights to fit any hand and style.

ONO Roller

MaterialsAircraft-grade aluminum with a smooth sandblasted finish

Dimension3.40" x 0.85" x 1.75"

ColorsBlack, sapphire, silver, rose gold

Weight6 oz

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ONO Roller Jr.

MaterialsNon-toxic ABS plastic with a soft touch finish

Dimension3.00" x 0.75" x 1.50"

ColorsBlack, teal, purple, orange

Weight3 oz

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ONO Steel

MaterialsStainless steel with a smooth polished finish

Dimension3.40" x 0.85" x 1.75"

ColorsNatural steel

Weight13 oz

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Customer Reviews

Based on 293 reviews
Shelly D.
Satisfying yet subtle

We have the metal Ono and the foam one and they both roll so so smoothly! They just glide in your hand. We all prefer the metal one, even the kids. The weight is grounding and I like that it gets cold, room temperature cold or you can put it in the freezer and you get that extra sensory input. Also the rolling is completely silent and the feel good if you massage your legs with them. Buy one. Or several. You won't forget it!

It’s okay

I was expecting to love this and have it last long, especially given the cost, but it’s really just okay. The top and bottom screw out if you hold them with your pointer or middle finger and thumb to spin. They look like they should only screw out with an Allen key, but I frequently end up doing it with my fingers. I find that rather than helping with focus it’s more of a distraction I sit with and think, losing time. It’s heavy so if it rolls off your lap, desk, or couch it can chip/scratch hard floors. Heads up! Bottom line: not worth the price!

Amy Freer
Perfect Fidgit

Perfectly smooth and perfectly silent.


I got the Jr size cause I have kindve smaller hands and it doesn't overwhelm my hand, and fits really nice in my pocket. And it's soooo satisfying, I had my family try it and now they want some too lol

Just what my clients didn't know they needed!

Luv these products! Purchased three and there are times when all of the clients in a family session are using them. Hopefully, I'll be able to afford a few more tea accommodate client preferences in the near future.


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