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ONO Scroller Aluminum
Heather McCarthy

ONO Scroller Aluminum

ONO Scroller Steel
Scott Holmes
So soothing

The scrolling ball is a good fidget to keep your thumb moving. It’s fun to watch it spin as a top too. Even just holding it in a closed hand it has a nice weight and smooth surface that I find comforting.

ONO Slider
Alex Kushnir

Coming from the world of EDC sliders, this thing is just alright. The finish looks cheap. Centre cap that holds a single weak magnet also has a chip in it.

ONO Scroller Steel
Alex Kushnir
Pretty good

Smooth scrolling. Feels nice. Mine had a bunch of polishing gunk in the holes that had to be scraped out with a toothpick.

Amazing quality!

The rollers are made of the best material and amazing quality! Unfortunately it wasn’t my type of relaxation tools.

The only fidget I've ever used that actually feels like it wants to be fidgeted with. Weight on the aluminum is perfect, and the junior size is great for my baby hands. I do find using it tiring after a while but that's likely due to always playing with it at like 140 rpm 😂 Color is also even prettier than shown, it's almost sparkly because of the blasted aluminum finish. 10/10 would buy again.

ONO Roller Premium Keychain Case
I use this to meditate
Good sturdy case

It's a good light weight sturdy case.

ONO Slider
so good

click click poker chip

Great fidget would love a better texture.

The ball is smooth to the touch and nice but the casing that holds it is very slippery in dry hands.

ONO Slider
Just Wow

This thing is excellent for my fidgeting issue. Smooth as can be. The only thing I would have done different is have two sizes the one they sell and a smaller version. I would have to own both.

ONO Slider
Aleff Berthier


ONO Roller Titanium - Full Size
I use this to meditate
Nice toy to destress.

I use this toy to destress. It's nice, & it helps me calm down. When I need to relax after a long day I use the roller for a few mins and my stress ROllS away.

My new favorite fidget toy

Love the size and feel of this roller. It's quickly become my new favorite.

ADHD toy

This is great. It distracts my hands from picking on each other. It’s great.

I love it!!!

Favorite fidget. I bought it specifically for the heft and it did not disappoint. Telling all my friends about it. Thank you!

Good quality, works very well.

Totally quiet, very good for if you pick at your fingers and need a more “soothing” fidget toy.

New fave fidget

I have different kinds of fidgets for different occasions, and this is my absolute favourite one when I'm working. It's quiet, discreet, portable, and very comfortable to use. I have had several people ask about it and as soon as they hold it and try it they light up and say how great it feels. This is now my number one!

ONO Scroller Titanium
Joshua Overby


High quality and feel durable, definitely fidget toys that will last.

Best fidget toy I've ever used!

Perfect fidget toy! Dead silent, perfect for me to take to movies (which I do a lot lol), great heft too it,great build quality. Highly reccomend!


Feels really good in the hand. Nice when cold. Could spend hours rolling and flipping this and not even realize it.

Package Protection

Who Knew?

What a great item. Also great service from ONO with this order. My first was damaged on arrival, ONO sorted out a return and sent a new one out. This time perfect. Love the Roller great for regulating and brilliant for when on the phone and highly recommended for anxiety, only negative, I would like one thats a bit heavier so will be ordering a Steel one later.

Great, but a bit small. The aluminum feel on the outer is maybe too textured.

Amazing fidget