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Would be perfect...

It would be perfect, but the top and bottom edges jut out slightly and are not rounded off enough, meaning that I feel the edges too much when I use it. 'm not sure if this was just a mistake with mine, or whether it is an issue with the aluminium jr (my soft touch plastic jr is perfect!). Hope to see more Jr versions/materials!

Thank YOu!

This is exactly what I needed. I am a teacher and I tell my students about you all the time. If I could afford to a would buy some for my classroom as I know my students could benefit from these to. Thank you.

ONO Roller Steel
Matthew Jones
Premium roller, bag not so premium

The steel roller is very nice, has a pleasing heft and a quality, well designed and engineered feel. My only gripe is that the packaging and -especially- the bag that is included should also have a more premium feel to match. As it is the bag and box is the same standard you get with the original aluminium roller. Considering the price difference I’m very surprised by this. Likewise regarding the titanium version. Especially considering these are often given as gifts.

I’m not a fan of the neoprene drawstring bags tbh. It didn’t stop my aluminium roller from getting marked and dinked in transit, and has a cheap, temporary feel. Fair enough for the standard I guess, but the steel and titanium versions should have a higher quality, longer lasting pouch imho. I wonder if we will see nicer carry pouches sold separately at some point?

ONO Roller Jr. Soft Touch Plastic

ONO Roller Steel
Heather Jenkins
Great regulation tool. M

I am a paraeducator working with 6 and 7 year olds. I bought the ONO for myself, and shared it with a student who was dysregulated during a lesson to help him “get his energy out”. With just a few key expectations on use reviewed (it stays in your hand and is a quiet tool) the child was able to focus and shift energy to the task at hand. I find that the weight of the steel meets needs for the children who are seeking sensory input and the sensation of cool steel and smooth action are very soothing. Those who can read enjoy the subtle humor of the stamped name “ONO” on the tool- as in “ONO I need to fidget! Can I use your ONO?” The only caveat is that it is an expensive tool for a teacher budget. I have used it with easily a dozen students since school has begun, carrying it with me and sharing it as needed, and reclaiming when tasks require writing or movement of the student.

Worth every penny!!!!

it was so much cooler than i expected!! my 4 and 5 year olds love it.they are both on the spectrum but i have to say that i love it as well.such a great product!!

ONO Roller Steel
Charles Gilson
Love it!

I have the aluminum one as well and I love it, but this has the weight I was looking for.

ONO Roller Steel
Harry Morris

ONO Roller Steel

I love it!! Can’t put it down.

I bought mine on Amazon. The aluminum rose Pink one. It was everything I wanted. At first I didn’t like the weight but soon after I found it to be perfect and necessary for the feel and quality of the Roller. I truly enjoy it! And will buy a couple more in the future. All I wish for is more color options.

Really smooth

It was very nice to roll around in my hand and made no sound

Everything I hoped it would be

I love my new ONO roller. I have it with me all the time, and have yet to misplace it, despite my inescapable tendency to misplace EVERYTHING.

Product is good

The roller itself is very good, quiet and stable, as was recommended, but the shipment to the EU came with a surprise toll that didn‘t initially appear and needed to be paid upon arrival. 4 stars


Just got mine and already obsessed!

Love(d) it!

Absolutely perfect! Until I lost it two days after I got it in the mail. ADHD tax is real. Guess I'll be getting another one. Sigh.

Get the stuck energy moving on both sides of the brain!!

We order 2 junior ono rollers and 1 adult after learning it could help with stuck/misplaced energy. We used our daughters in both hands but soon figured out, if used in non dominant hand while completing school work, then it was helping her full brain greatly to calm her Misophonia triggers, after a few weeks it appeared to allow focus for ADHD and Autism hyperactivity which allowed for better educational comprehension and sensory processing and less impulse control issues.
For my adult roller after 1st five mins I had tingling in my arm and leg that spread throughout my body in the next 15 mins and each time I picked it up I could feel my negative body energy moving. Within a week I felt much less stress in my body. Amazing!! I share them with everybody I know to try out so they could order them for kids and adults with the same types of stress and disabilities. Thank You for the junior and adult sizes and I look forward to getting future rollers for others! Thank You and Blessings,


As soon as the roller hit my hand I felt everything melt away. The smoothness of the roller is unlike anything I've held. 10/10 definitely recommend!

Thank you

I would not have believed when I ordered this how quickly this item would become indispensible to me. Quiet and calming, it goes everywhere I go. Thank you so much!

ONO Roller Aluminum (Original)
Sylvia Moore Myers

ONO Roller Aluminum (Original)

Best fidget toy yet!

I enjoyed the junior ones and the normal size ones. I have bigger hands so the originals felt a little more comfortable in the hand. My daughter has small hands so she likes both.

ONO Roller Aluminum (Original)

Solid product, lasted 1 week before grinding

Bought a few styles to test them out (junior n steel). This is the perfect tool, solid size, good weight, fits well in my hand. However after maybe a week of use this roller lost it's smooth roll and the ball bearings on one side have a strath to it now. Neither of the other rollers have this problem, so it's unfortunate my preferred style now grinds as I roll it in my hand

ONO Roller Steel

Love it so much!!! Wish there was a Jr version (not mini)!

My favourite!!

I love the ono jr so much!! It is so much softer than the other versions, which I love!! I would love any other Jr versions that are a soft material!

ONO Roller Aluminum (Original)

ONO Roller Aluminum (Original)


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