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Sleek, totally silent fidget tools to help channel restless energy into presence and focus.


"A fidget toy fit for CEOs"

"My favorite adult fidget
of the pack was the ONO Roller"

"Everything you could want in a fidget toy"

"Use it in the office or classroom without driving others crazy"

Goodbye, stress. Hello, ONO

Fidgeting isn't just a function of stress, it also creates it. We help people break the loop of anxious energy with satisfying, sleek, and totally silent fidget tools. Grab an ONO to reclaim your power and peace-of-mind.

The science of tactile stress-relief

A Moving Meditation

Move over yoga. Intentional fidgeting helps you find a flow state and sense of calm on-the-go. No mat needed.

An Outlet for Anxiety

The sensation of a satisfying fidget reduces stress and cortisol, making it easier to relax into the present moment.

A Dose of Focus

While many fidget tools steal your attention, ONO enhances it and directs focus to the task at hand one roll, scroll, and swipe at a time.
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From $25.00

Inspired by the soothing motion of rolling two markers, the ONO Roller is a sleek, silent, must-have gadget for stress-relief.

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From $40.00

Inspired by the addicting sensation of scrolling a phone, the ONO Scroller offers stress-relief and dopamine without the screen.

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Soft Touch Plastic
Junior Size | Full Size
3 oz | 5 oz
Negro verde azulado Naranja Púrpura

Our light-weight roller, made of non-toxic ABS plastic with a soft, rubbery finish.

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Junior Size | Full Size
4 oz | 6 oz
Negro Plata Azul zafiro Oro rosa Black Purple Red Teal

Our medium-weight roller, made of 6061 Aluminum with a smooth beadblasted finish.

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Stainless Steel
Mini Size | Junior Size | Full Size
8 oz | 10 oz | 12 oz

Our heavy-weight roller, made of stainless steel with a shiny polished finish

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Junior size | Full Size
6 oz | 8 oz

Slightly lighter than stainless steel, our titanium roller is made with a premium titanium alloy to provide extreme durability and wear resistance.

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Full Size
6 oz

Soft and slightly squishy, but still with plenty of heft, our silicone roller offers an increased tactile sensation with its bumps.

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1.2 oz
Black Grey

Our light-weight Scroller, made of 6061 Aluminum with a smooth beadblasted finish.

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Stainless Steel
2.2 oz

Our heavy-weight Scroller, made of stainless steel with a shiny polished finish

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Just roll with it.

Busy hands. Clear minds. Can’t lose.

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Calm your keys.

See why a Scroller's an every day carry.

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Sensory perfection!

I was on the fence because of the cost but I’m so glad I decided to get one. The weight, smooth spinning action, and whisper quiet of this roller makes it an excellent choice for me. Most fidgets are noisy or distracting but this one is discreet for video meetings and classroom settings. Highly recommend giving one of these a try.


8/29/2023 Verified Buyer

Feels so good

I have both the OG and the Jr and the metal OG is so worth the extra few bucks. It just feels great in your hand, the little extra weight, the finish, the smoothness of the movement, the silence. Wish I could afford a whole box of them so I could put a few in every room, a couple in the car, and give samples to friends and family and my kids’ teachers.

Amy G.

9/4/2023 Verified Buyer

Thank you

I would not have believed when I ordered this how quickly this item would become indispensible to me. Quiet and calming, it goes everywhere I go. Thank you so much!

Clinton J.

9/26/2023 Verified Buyer

Love it

I have ADHD as does my nephew and my niece has Asperger's. So I bought three! And now my husband wants one too. The rolling motion is so satisfying and the silence will help prevent others getting annoyed. I knit a lot as well and my thumbs get sore. I've been able to roll out the muscles in my thumbs so knitting won't be so painful. BONUS! :)

Anne K.

9/27/2023 Verified Buyer

Love it!

I use use mine daily, sometimes for hours. It's the perfect quiet stim for me. I plan to buy at least two more, a spare for me and one for my son.

Charles G.

Verified Buyer


I don’t often keep much in my pockets, but this thing is with me everywhere I go. Build quality is superb and it feels SO GOOD. It has a nice “handfeel” 😉 Looks good, feels good, all around satisfying. I never knew I needed a roller until I got one. Thanks ONO!

Garrett H.

Verified Buyer


It seemed pretty simple, so I wasn’t sure how much I would actually use it. But it’s actually the roller’s simplicity that gives it the perfect amount of distraction for my hands so I can focus on a task. It also feels amazing in your hands. Ready to kick the nail biting habit for good!

Kristen C.

Sublime Verified Buyer

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