About us

Fidgeting was always a problem for our founder, Ari, and for so many people with anxious minds. Whether in class trying to stay on task, or simply sitting on the couch or by the ocean trying to enjoy the moment, fidgeting throws a wrench into relaxation. But it was next to impossible to find a high quality fidget that looked stylish and timeless, and was worthy of every day carry.

That’s where ONO comes in. Each product in the ONO family channels fidgeting into mindfulness with seamless, satisfying, and totally silent rolling experiences.

We don't leave home without an ONO. They're meant to go wherever you go. We hope your new walking-out-the-door mantra will become ‘phone, wallet, keys, ONO’, and we hope that one ONO will last a lifetime.

Stress is unavoidable. ONO is a tool for conquering it.