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ONO Roller

Rose Gold
Sapphire Blue

The ONO™ Roller is the perfect way to relieve stress and anxiety, by keeping your hands busy and putting your mind at ease. Sleek, satisfying and semi-addicting.

+ Made of aircraft-grade aluminum with a scratch-resistant finish
+ Measures 3.5 inches in length, fits comfortably in most palms
+ Connected two cylinder column design allows for continuous rolling
Whisper quiet so you can use it anywhere
+ Roll it all the time... it's that durable

Customer Reviews

Based on 163 reviews
Best relaxation tool!

I love this Ono roller and have ordered one for my son for Christmas. I'm also getting the Ono Jr., as I think it might fit better in my hand and be less noticeable if I'm using it somewhere like an office meeting. I love rolling the original Ono on my arms to relax - It has a nice weight to it. I'm also hopeful that using the Ono will help relieve the arthritis in my hands.
So far, my little Aussie is my best relaxation therapy, but Ono comes in a close 2nd!

Iris Feliciano
Hand Relief

I have various surgeries "carpal tunnel and 2 trigger fingers" which my hands are usually swollen. I usually need to open, shut my hand and fingers. Basically, exercising resembling physical therapy at home. When I saw this ONO roller fidget on TV, I thought it would be perfect for my left and right hands.
I use the motion forward and backwards twice a day 2 sets of 20. It has given me better range of motion with my fingers bones and relieves my inner hand tissues. It actually given me more mobility, relief and feels good.

Thank you


I love the Ono roller, it’s sleek, silent and helping me through some things where I’d otherwise be clicking a pen. It’s definitely worth the money!

Cameron Dorozio
A relaxed human

I love the feeling of fidgeting with this 😎

Scott Jordan
Best. Fidget Tool. Ever.

26 years of fidgeting, and looking for the perfect fidget tool. This is the one. I cannot recommend this enough. Even though it's static in the sense you can't take it apart, I find that there a couple ways you can fidget with it so you can get variety of stim. Also low-key works as a hand strengthener which helps with writing and rock climbing. You can spin it in one hand, you can spin the two bars outwards when you hold it with both hands, or turn it sideways and push spin the bars forward. It's also got some nice weight to it, not even a quarter of a lb, but just enough to even feel pleasant to hold for basic "pressure stim" by feeling the weight of it in your hand. It's finely crafted, sleek, metal and you can choose your color too which is nice. Lastly, I also find the slight weight of it actually acts to sort of draw out the need to stim with it so that after a few minutes of using it, my restless goes away and I can focus and work for a period fo time without needing to stim.


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