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ONO Roller Steel (NEW!)


The ONO™ Roller is the perfect way to relieve stress and anxiety, by keeping your hands busy and putting your mind at ease. Sleek, satisfying and semi-addicting.

+ Made of stainless steel with a polished finish. This thing is HEAVY (12oz)!
+ Measures 3.5 inches in length, fits comfortably in most palms
+ Connected two cylinder column design allows for continuous rolling
Whisper quiet so you can use it anywhere
+ Roll it all the time... it's that durable

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
John Auer
It's ok

Not sure it is a stress reliever, but well made

An awesome addition to ONO lineup

I have the original ONO and have used it every day. Finally got to snag this steel one and it definitely is heavy. I thought the original was heavy but this makes the old one seem like a feather!

Both are great to have and I honestly find myself switching between them throughout the day. Sometimes I feel my hand getting more tired with the steel one after using it for a while though. This one is slightly bigger than the original. If I had to pick one of the two, I would probably stick with the original since its lighter and slightly smaller form factor. But this is definitely for those who want a little more oomph or have larger hands.

Overall I love the ONO products and I hope to see more designs in the future.

Bjørn-Andre Cock

Good, feels heavier and sturdier than the rest. But i don't know if mine has a defect or not, but on one side it's a bit loose, so it makes a noise that is not as satisfying as the others. And i heard other reviewers said it's completely silent, well mine isn't, so loses one star

Jason Mims

Thanks love it!

Rolla Long

ONO Roller Steel (NEW!)


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