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Extremely light compared to the full-size steel roller. I'm a woman with larger than average hands and I'd say my concerns about this being too small are no more. Super fun and satisfying to use. Steel is definitely worth the extra $$ though.

A frivolous purchase in this economy, but the second I took it out of the pouch and held it in my hand I knew I loved it. It was cold outside so the steel was ice cold to the touch (very satisfying). Much heavier than I imagined, but exactly what I wanted as far as how it would fit in my palm. For a woman I have much larger than average hands and this works great for me.

If you hold your arm out and place this on your palm, flat and face up, it's a good resistance workout too lol.

Feels Good In My Hand!

Love the ONO roller. The junior size fits perfectly in my hand and using it keeps me from fidgeting. I can put my focus on what's important. Thank you!


This is my third Ono Roller coming after both Stainless Steel and Titanium. I love them both, but this silicone roller has become my favorite. The nubs are amazing! They massage while I fidget. My hands feel so good after using this. Ono's Silicone Roller has become the roller I didn't know I needed. If you buy only one Ono Roller, this is the one to get. Ono hit a home run with this product.

ONO Scroller Steel
One Cool Cat
Awesome execution, mediocre producct

The materials, fit, finish, and scrolling action are all top notch. However, after using it for a couple weeks I just don't like the basic premise. Scrolling doesn't relax me. To the contrary, I often find scrolling IRL annoying..

I tried this scroller because I love my three Ono rollers, but this product just isn't for me.

Very Calming

I was quite skeptical that metal rolling around in my hands would be enough to help my fidgeting but it does! I can concentrate longer and sit longer with this. I will probably buy one for my son for his birthday.

It’s amazing!

I love it!

It's bumpy

If you're thinking of buying, DO IT!

I found I rapidly tap my fingers while reading emails. I work in a quiet shared office & didn't want to annoy those around me. I find a lot of standard "fidget toys" to be too hard to use one handed, and also look a little too childish sitting on my desk. I liked using the calm strip to rub in between my fingers, but needed something more tactile. The price held me back initially from the ONO, but figured I've tried everything else, might as well give it a shot. It's only been a couple weeks, and I can tell you it's worth every penny. I got the aluminum in the junior size, I worried about the aluminum being too lightweight, but it's surprisingly hefty. The junior size fit my "baby hands" perfectly & the teal color is beautiful. I'm already of thinking of getting one for my home office & for my husband who bites his nails. I didn't question the "ONO" name until I got the roller & realized it's the same no matter which way you flip it, hhhaaaaa! - great product!

Well designed

It has been well design like a smooth-running machine and not a toy. It just doesn't give me the satisfaction that the roller does. That's nothing against the scroller. I still have been carrying it.

Solid satisfaction

My roller feels solid and rolls smoothly. It is well engineered like a machine, not a toy. It is satisfying to use.

I probably would have loved it...

I never received my Ono roller. I gave you the correct address and got tracking notification when it arrived, but by the time I got to the post office (a few days later) it hadn't arrived. It's been about 2 1/2 weeks, and again my tracking info said it was there but it wasn't. I'd like another please because I really want to try it!

ONO Roller Silicone - Full Size

Ideal weight and size

We have both the junior size and the full size ONO rollers in our house. I find myself using the junior size when I want to be more discreet when we are out. I wear a women’s medium sized glove and the junior size is nice across my palm.
However, I find the weight of the standard size more grounding when I’m at work. Both are great
For me:
Junior size = prevention of anxiety
Reg size = cure for anxiety

ONO Scroller Aluminum

Bought it again when I lost it

It’s that good. Can’t live without it.

Love it!

It’s the best weight and feel out of all the rollers I have had!

ONO Scroller Steel
Brett P Casey

ONO Scroller Steel

Great item

Well made. Exudes quality. Very happy with purchase.

This is my second as my son lost my first one. Needless to say, it never fails me. The action is top notch, quiet, and it does what it's meant to do. I love how it's cold at first, increasing its calming nature. Great product!

The overall outside shell is soft to the touch. The zipper has a smooth glide and a very faint sound. The inner liner is also very nice to the touch. When it's zipped up, the roller is very secure, and the look is a modern, sophisticated vibe to it.


So, I recently found out that I have ADHD and my 'fidget' has always been knitting. I've even learned to do it without looking. Which means I can read, watch TV, or do pretty much anything and keep my hands busy. HOWEVER, not very many jobs are cool with letting their employees knit while they work. I follow My ADHD Brain on Facebook and he actually talked about the awesomeness of these rollers. I have to agree with him. These things are phenomenal! I bought the Junior for my toddler and the regular size roller for myself. I have to say, I probably could have just bought 2 of the juniors. The regular size roller is a little too large for my hand. Anyway, these things are awesome. They make virtually no noise. I think the only noise I am picking up on is because I can be extremely sensitive to noise, so I pick up on faint noises pretty frequently. The roller glides easily and smoothly, so there's no bumping or anything like that. It's easy to fidget with and keep it fairly hidden so it doesn't distract while in meetings. I cannot recommend these rollers enough. They have helped my son and I so much and I am so glad I bought these. Honestly, I'll probably buy some more of the junior size ones just because they're awesome and I want my coworker to experience how amazing they are. 10/10 recommend. Could NOT be happier!!

ONO Roller Steel - Full Size


I loved my Ono silicone roller so much that I immediately went back and bought an aluminum one for when I want something cooler and smoother! Highly recommend, this is definitely my new favorite fidget.