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so quiet and smooth!!!

Great for keeping my hands busy

I really enjoy this product, it feels good in my hands and it is discrete. I am giving it 5 stars, but to be nit picky, I did find that after about a week of use the rollers got a bit loose in the frame and they now also click from side to side, but I’m hoping that I can fix that by tightening it up with the Alan keys provided. The material is very nice to touch, there were some micro dents in my rollers though when I unpackaged it. It doesn’t affect the use ability, just the aesthetics. I basically take my ono everywhere, and it’s really helpful for stress management. I would buy it again, and I am curious what the ono team thinks of next.

I really enjoy the soft touch plastic junior roller. It helps keep my hands quietly busy & calms me from the urge to fidget with my hands & crack my fingers which is a bad habit I have. I haven’t stopped cracking my fingers yet but the ONO roller has helped reduce how often my fingers get cracked by a lot which is excellent.

Emotional regulation in the palm of your hand

I've had many fidget toys over the years and some are nice, some are garbage. I ordered the Junior Size ONO Roller because my hands are fairly small. I figured that if it was too tiny, I would pass it along to my son. The roller fits perfectly in my hands and is quiet. It has really helped me to focus and regulate. The only downside is that the friends and family I have shown it to have tried to take it. I was in a day-long strategic planning meeting and shared it with a colleague who was reluctant to return it. The same with my kids and my best friend. It appears that I will need to purchase more as gifts. I'm pretty impressed!

So nice. Wish there was a medium option.

This is one of my favorite anxiety tools at work. It's silent, smooth, and heats up in your hand. I love it a lot. My only wish is that it was slightly shorter. The weight and width are perfect, but the length makes it stick out both sides of my fist. The mini looks too small. However, overall, totally worth it and considering the bumpy one!

This was good for me as I try different things and sometimes don't like them
I have a drawer full of annoying figet toys.

ONO Slider

Quickly developed an unpleasant scratching feeling and sound

Package Protection
Traci Bednar
Package protection

Was very well done, thanks.

ONO Scroller Steel
Joey Caudill

ONO Scroller Steel

ONO Scroller Steel
Octavia Martineau
Love it!

It's so lightweight and discreet, but also very shareable! I absolutely love it!!

ONO Scroller Keychain
Octavia Martineau

Love it! Makes it way easier to hold the scroller and easier to find and grab out of my bag!

ONO Roller Steel - Mini Size

Smooth as butter

At first I didn't like the ono roller. It felt nice but I wasn't sure how it would do with helping my anxiety and ADHD. I can rest assured that it has helped immensely. I pretty much haven't put it down since I got it. I even bought 4 more of different types for travel or my family

Peace of mind

I purchased the more expensive item and really wanted to feel like I needed here on time and not to have to deal with a lost package so maybe getting this helped?

Perfect Fidget for an AuDHDer

I use this often, still doesn't stop me from picking my nails, as long as I remember to use it while I sit and fidget. Very good weight, I'm so glad I got this, I only worry about bringing it out and needing the weight, yet finding it not as portable as my other fidgets. Don't want to lose it, don't think I will, it's expensive so I only really use it at home.

Package Protection
Thanawan Tamseree

Package Protection

Size matters

I ordered what I thought was just a regular size. For my companion it was. It fit his hand just right. For my smaller hands it did not. I will definitely order in the future and make sure it fits correctly. BTW love, love your products and everyone I talk to knows it.

ONO Roller Silicone - Full Size

Love this silly thing!

I've showed so many friends and each of them have been like "what? Ohh... dude send me this link"

Best gift given

I gifted this to my roommate who stims often but gets very overstimulated by sound, and she's incredibly excited! The weight really helps calm her down and she really enjoys either just holding it or rolling it for a while. I am also a big fan because I can't hear it at all while she's using it. It's such high quality material and clearly well-made. We're both very excited (I got myself one too) and I can only say I definitely recommend this as both a gift to someone else and to yourself!

Highly recommend!

I really love and need to fidget often, but get overstimulated by sound very quickly. So most fidgets have not worked for me in the long term. This has! It's incredibly pleasant and sturdy, it calms me and keeps me focussed and I don't distract myself, or others with the constant sound because it makes virtually no noise.
I (adhd) bought one for my friend (ass) as well and now we both always have it on us. The quality is very high. It's exactly as advertised. I'm often a bit hesitant to shop online, especially internationally, but this went absolutely flawless and the material is wonderful and the fidget is clearly well-made.
Like I said, highly recommend!

Good quality and easy to use. I got the junior size.

Love Ono products. Perfect for stimming or just helping you focus and relax at the same time.

Helpful as heck

I was a little skeptical on whether I'd like this, but it's SO useful. I struggle with adhd and there's been quite a few times where I'm stressing out, pop this baby out and mess with it. Kept me leveled. :)
Plus, I got quite a few of my coworkers hooked on it LOL


I was a little skeptical on whether I'd like this, but it's SO useful. I struggle with adhd and there's been quite a few times where I'm stressing out, pop this baby out and mess with it. Kept me leveled. :)
Plus, I got quite a few of my coworkers hooked on it LOL