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Over 2,300 5-star reviews

Build your custom ONO bundle

Over 2,300 5-star reviews

Build your custom ONO bundle

Roll your way to stress relief and improved focus. Mix and match ONOs of all shapes, sizes and colors to build the bundle that's right for you. Say goodbye to stress, and say hello to ONO.

9Helps relieve stress

9Reduces nervous fidgeting

9Quiet and discreet


Paula Gaudet

I couldn't sit still on Zoom calls. I bought an ONO and OMG. Such a game changer. I don't know how I ever worked from home without one. Now I've got one for my desk, one for my car and one that I keep on my coffee table. I can't recommend this product enough!

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How to Roll

Here’s a few ways to get started with your ONO:


Roll the ONO across your fingers and the palms of your hands to create a simple, relaxing rhythm


Using one hand to guide your ONO, apply pressure and roll to release tension from your muscles.


Let the smooth motion of your ONO roller soothe and massage your hands while you go about your day

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Over 800+ Reviews Online

How does rolling an ONO
help you feel better?

How does rolling an ONO help you feel better?

The ONO Roller is an antidote to our world of endless busy-ness, stimulation and stress. By giving our hands something grounding and satisfying to fidget with, ONOs are shown to relieve stress and enhance focus. But those benefits are just the beginning.

Relieves Stress + Anxiety

With its soothing and satisfying rolling motion, the ONO provides powerful stress relief and helps calm even the busiest of minds.

Relaxation + Meditation

If you ever feel like you need an escape, simply align your thoughts with the ONOs smooth and rhythmic motion to enter your flow state.

Muscle Relief + Massaging

Use the ONO to release any built up tension in smaller muscles and tendons by rolling it gently across your skin.

Enhance Focus + Boost Productivity

The truth is... Most fidget tools steal your attention. The ONO Roller enhances it. Divert your nervous energy and focus on the task at hand one roll at a time.

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Over 800+ Reviews Online

See Which ONO is Right for You

The ONO Roller is now available in 3 unique styles! Read the details below to find out which one is right for you.

ONO Roller

The classic ONO Roller is the perfect fidget tool for anyone in search of stress and anxiety relief.

MaterialAircraft-grade aluminum with a smooth sandblasted finish

Dimension 3.40" x 0.85" x 1.75"

ColorBlack, sapphire, silver, rose gold

Weight 6 oz

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ONO Roller Jr.

The ONO Jr. is just as effective as the classic ONO but is tailored towards those with smaller hands.

MaterialNon-toxic ABS plastic with a soft touch finish

Dimension 3.00" x 0.75" x 1.50"

ColorBlack, teal, purple, orange

Weight3 oz

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ONO Steel

The ONO Steel is a heavy weight roller that is built for those who enjoy a more dense & polished tool.

MaterialStainless steel with a smooth polished finish

Dimension3.40" x 0.85" x 1.75"

Dimension Natural steel

Weight13 oz

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The ONO lifestyle

Relaxation never goes out of style. Take your ONO wherever you go.

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Over 800+ Reviews Online

How Does The ONO Compare To Others?

Old fidget tools not cutting it anymore? Here’s what to expect with ONO.


Stress Relief


Enhanced Focus

Sleek, Stylish & Discrete Design

100% Satisfaction Guarantee



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See How Other’s Roll

Join the community and see how our customers roll with their ONO. How will you roll?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ONO made of?

The ONO Roller is machined from aircraft grade aluminum, and polished with a bead blasted finish. With extremely precise tolerance manufacturing, and high quality bearings, the ONO Roller is solid and will be the most premium fidget tool you own.

How big is the ONO Roller?

The Original ONO Roller is: 3.3” x 1.75” x 0.85” and weighs 6 oz The ONO Roller Jr is: 3” x 1.5” x 0.75” and weighs 3 oz

How much does shipping cost?

All US orders are shipped FREE and will arrive in 3-7 business days after being shipped. All orders will be shipped within 1-3 business days of the order being placed. For international orders, we ship DDP (delivery to your door with duty already paid)! Shipping and import taxes will be calculated at checkout

What is the difference between the ONO and ONO Jr?

The Original ONO is made with aircraft grade aluminum and is available in black ,silver, rose gold, and blue. The ONO Jr is made with a soft touch ABS plastic and slightly smaller than the original ONO. The ONO Jr. is available in black, purple, orange, and teal.

Do you offer a warranty or money back guarantee?

Yes! All ONO rollers come with a 3 year warranty.

What does the ono roller feel like?

If you were to take two highlighters (without caps) and roll them in your hands you’d get a sense of what an ONO feels like. Now as effortless and natural as that feels, picture it without any friction, twisting or noise, and perfectly-sized for your hand. That’s what an ONO feels like— but better.

Relax. Unwind. Focus-In.

The ONO Roller was created back in 2017. Inspired by the fast-paced lifestyle of NYC, we created ONO to help you slow down, tune out the distractions, and focus on the inside.

The ONO Roller was created back in 2017. Inspired by the fast-paced lifestyle of NYC, we created ONO to help you slow down, tune out the distractions, and focus on the inside.

Over 800+ Reviews Online

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Customer Reviews

Based on 380 reviews
Amy Elijah
Soothing and well-made

I was skeptical about the price but really wanted something quiet and portable, ended up getting more than I bargained for, I find it to be pretty soothing not just for my anxiety but for my carpal tunnel as well. Will likely buy another.

Sara Hadorn
Best Fidget

I would recommend because its quiet and you can play with it in many ways

Excellent quality

Very satisfying and great quality. Completely silent and pretty subtle (except if you drop it on your desk, since it is pretty sturdy). 😆

Casey Avsec
Great device!

I’m had been looking for something to aid my not picking my hands and I’m so happy! The weight of the aluminum version is perfect, the curves at the top are very pleasing. I would recommend immediately if anyone were looking for a fidget/stress toy that doesn’t look or feel childish


So. You want an ONO? Buy one. Now.

I first saw my 12 year old want this and it looked very cool. I decided to buy it for him as a little treat for getting good grades for the first semester, but I got him the jr because I thought it would fit his hands better. He loved it! Unfortunately, (for him) he wasn’t allowed to bring it to school, but I tried it while he was at school and fell in love with it. I’m an adult, but have rather small hands, so I also bought the jr and it is just crazy. I would totally recommend buying this.


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