Free U.S Shipping On All Orders 🚛 | Buy 3 ONOs Get 20% Off 🛒

Free U.S Shipping On All Orders 🚛 | Buy 3 ONOs Get 20% Off 🛒

The #1 Best Selling ONO™ Roller

The Last Fidget Tool You’ll Ever Need.

The ONO Roller™ helps relieve stress and anxiety by keeping your hands busy and putting your mind at ease. Sleek, satisfying and superior quality.

Smooth rolling motion for a soothing experience

Light, compact and easy to carry wherever you go

Quiet and discreet for use in any scenario

Ryan Hoffer

My wife really likes her ONO Roller. As soon as she opened it, two of our kids took it over and are asking for their own. Thanks!

Free Shipping To The USA

3 Year Warranty

Satisfaction Guarantee

Worldwide Shipping

How to Roll

Roll, relax, repeat. Here’s a few ways to get started with your ONO:


Let the smooth motion of your ONO roller soothe and massage your hands while you go about your day


Roll the ONO across your fingers and the palms of your hands to create a simple, relaxing rhythm


Using one hand to guide your ONO, apply pressure and roll to release tension from your muscles.

Born In The USA

The ONO Roller was created back in 2017 by an industrial designer right here in the United States Of America!

The ONO Roller was created back in 2017 by an industrial designer right here in the United States Of America!

Why Choose An ONO?

Sleek, discreet and built with the highest quality materials to last. The ONO Roller takes fidget tools to a whole new level.

Stress Relief

Ease your mind with its soothing and satisfying roll motion

Relaxation + Meditation

Get lost in the smooth rhythm and enter your flow state

Massage Muscles

Release built up tension in smaller muscles and tendons

Enhance Focus

Divert your nervous energy and focus on the task at hand

Get Your ONO

Over 800+ Reviews Online

Relax Your Mind & Boost Productivity

How it works in three easy steps:

Find Your Style

Make it your own. Choose a color that suits your style and order your ONO Roller.

Roll It Out

Keep your hands busy, or roll out your muscles. Find what works best for you and get rolling!

Feel the Relief

Sit back, relax and discover the stress relieving capabilities of your ONO.

The ONO lifestyle

Relaxation never goes out of style. Take your ONO wherever you go.

Get Your ONO

Over 800+ Reviews Online

How Does The ONO Compare To Others?

Old fidget tools not cutting it anymore? Here’s what to expect with ONO.


Stress Relief


Enhanced Focus

Sleek, Stylish & Discrete Design

100% Satisfaction Guarantee



Other Fidgets

See How Other’s Roll

Join the community and see how our customers roll with their ONO. How will you roll?



Verified Buyer

I purchased both.

The small one and the larger one. I like the larger one because of the way it sits in my hand. But I do use them both. For me it’s just helps me relax.

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Karen Moody

Verified Buyer

This was purchased as a gift

This was purchased as a gift that hasn’t been given yet. But, I was very pleased with the look & feel of it.

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Verified Buyer

I usually have a ton of nervous energy at work

I usually have a ton of nervous energy at work (especially during conference calls) and using my ONO roller has done so much to relive my stress at these times. The roller itself has a really nice weightiness to it, spins effortlessly, and feels great in the hand (even my really small hands). Recommend for all workplace fidgeters!

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Verified Buyer

Smooth frictionless rolling with a satin like texture.

Smooth frictionless rolling with a satin like texture. The aluminum warms with your touch to provide several tactile sensations. I'm throwing all of those other fidget spinner "toys" away. This is awesome!

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Get Your ONO

Over 800+ Reviews Online

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does shipping cost?

All US orders are shipped FREE and will arrive in 3-7 business days after being shipped. All orders will be shipped within 1-3 business days of the order being placed. For international orders, we ship DDP (delivery to your door with duty already paid)! Shipping and import taxes will be calculated at checkout

What is the ONO made of?

The ONO Roller is machined from aircraft grade aluminum, and polished with a bead blasted finish. With extremely precise tolerance manufacturing, and high quality bearings, the ONO Roller is solid and will be the most premium fidget tool you own.

How big is the ONO Roller?

The Original ONO Roller is: 3.3” x 1.75” x 0.85” and weighs 6 oz The ONO Roller Jr is: 3” x 1.5” x 0.75” and weighs 3 oz

What is the difference between the ONO and ONO Jr?

The Original ONO is made with aircraft grade aluminum and is available in black ,silver, rose gold, and blue. The ONO Jr is made with a soft touch ABS plastic and slightly smaller than the original ONO. The ONO Jr. is available in black, purple, orange, and teal.

Do you offer a warranty or money back guarantee?

Yes! All ONO rollers come with a 3 year warranty.

What does the ONO Roller feel like?

If you were to take two highlighters (without caps) and roll them in your hands you’d get a sense of what an ONO feels like. Now as effortless and natural as that feels, picture it without any friction, twisting or noise, and perfectly-sized for your hand. That’s what an ONO feels like— but better.


Over 800+ 5 Star Reviews Online

ONO Roller - The All-In-One Stress & Anxiety Relief Fidget Tool

ONO Roller - The Ultimate Stress Relieving Fidget Tool

Now $34.99

Free US Shipping!

Sleek, lightweight, and made from aircraft-grade aluminum. Discover relaxation with the ONO Roller and say goodbye to your old fidget tools.

Helps relieve stress

Reduces nervous fidgeting

Quiet and discreet

Releases tension in muscles


Rose Gold
Sapphire Blue


Customer Reviews

Based on 137 reviews
Daniel Awe
Love Ono

Pure stress relief for the active minds out there!

Joshua Hobbs

ONO Roller

Lance Heaps
So soothing to me

Whenever I'm sitting at work, at home or driving in my car.... The ONO Roller is in my hand. It has a calming effect on me and I couldn't love it more.

Joel Harris

ONO Roller

Eric Langlois
Quality item

Quality item. Just don’t use it that much…

ONO Roller



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